The Missing Mogul: A Mystery with a Touch of History

The Missing Mogul:

A Mystery with a Touch of History

Author Barry Eaton is a Mechanical Engineer who likes mystery stories and old trains. He is also a fifth-generation Texan whose ancestral homeplace Millermore is now part of the Dallas Heritage Village. Drawing on archives

found in that special house, Mr. Eaton has crafted a mystery novel which incorporates many historical details, transporting readers to a period when Dallas was just beginning to emerge from its frontier origins on its way to becoming a center of commerce. The protagonist of the tale is Tennyson Pierce, a Dallas attorney who has gained notice for his ability to solve unusual crimes. Much like his English counterpart Sherlock Holmes, Pierce has an unfailing command of logic and an exceptional knowledge of topics pertaining to physical evidence.

Set in the spring of 1886, The Missing Mogul chronicles the efforts to locate a steam engine which vanished from a spur track near Marshall, Texas. After a thorough search by railroad personnel fails to produce any trace of the locomotive, the Division Manager of the Texas & Louisiana Railway calls on Tennyson Pierce for assistance. Aided by his new friend Dr. Jarvis Weston, Pierce methodically uncovers a trail of clues leading from the casinos of western Louisiana to the financial centers of New York City and Philadelphia. Along the way, Dr. Weston discovers some key evidence about a complex conspiracy to establish a railroad monopoly in Texas. However, it is the incisive deductions of Pierce that ultimately reveal the true motive for the crime, leading to a daring confrontation on a remote stretch of track deep within the Piney Woods of East Texas.



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