Gerry Huerth: An Advocate for Change and Accomplished Author

Gerry Huerth: An Advocate for Change and Accomplished Author


Gerry Huerth, with 75 years of life experience, has skillfully embraced the role of an outsider and used it as a catalyst for change. Through his unique journey, he has developed a skill for advocating on behalf of individuals who face the challenging task of navigating systems that may not readily accommodate their needs and goals. Fifty years ago, he served as one of the pioneering members of FREE, an organization that played a significant role in the inception of the Gay and Lesbian college movement in our nation.

Gerry worked as a Registered Nurse (RN) in multiple healthcare systems and consistently excelled in his role, showcasing exceptional skills and unwavering dedication to providing quality patient care. From providing psychiatric nursing care to working with drug-addicted mothers and infants in Harlem, New York, to volunteering for the Farm Workers Union in California, he has shown a remarkable commitment to making a difference in the lives of those in need. Furthermore, his dedication to serving on the board of a groundbreaking hospice in Maine, his selfless volunteer work offering massage therapy to individuals with AIDS, are shining examples of his compassion and empathy. His collaboration in developing a personal care service for individuals with mental illness demonstrates his innovative mindset and dedication to enhancing the well-being of those who require assistance.

He also had the opportunity to work as an adjunct instructor at a community college. During his time there, he had the privilege of teaching and empowering students who encountered significant obstacles to their academic learning. These challenges included, but were not limited to, racism, poverty, and violence.

As an author, he has successfully published several books, each with captivating storylines. The most recent work in his literary canon, Flickering, is a narrative about metamorphoses, awakenings, and gender identity. Gerry Huerth encourages us to take some time and immerse ourselves in the life and universe of another person. To simply sit quietly and observe the fluttering, hummingbird-like moments of our lives.



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